Kevin Marsh

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Family traditions helped fuel my passion for the game - 

it is something I often hear amongst fellow competitors.  In my case, my Mom would introduce me to the game at a very young age.  Before I can even remember, I was throwing rocks down the ice at the Tartan Curling Club in Regina.

Growing up with two brothers (one being twin and teammate Dan) really fueled my competitive side – we were always playing some sort of sport/competitive activity. When Dan and I finally figured out we weren’t going to be the next NHL superstars, it was time to focus on something we were actually good at – curling!

I won the Saskatchewan Mixed Curling title in 2016 and finished with a silver medal at the Canadian Mixed Championships the same year.  The 2017/2018 men’s season was a success, where my team won the College Clean Restoration Classic (World Curling Tour), and finished runner-up at the Saskatchewan Tankard Provincials.

 Never stop improving
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