The 50 Game Mark

Looking at the number of competitive games we have played this season (50 already!), it’s hard to believe it’s only November. With that being said, the 50 game mark is an excellent time to look back at some of our goals to start the season.  

Over the summer, our team made a list of goals we determined were achievable for the season.

The goals were meant to be challenging but attainable.  I believe every team out there should sit down and write out goals for the year. Depending on the commitment level and budget of a team, this will no doubt change your goals.  Not every team will have the exact same goals, and that is the beauty of the game. You can choose to play locally or travel all around the country like we do (some say we are crazy…)

One of our goals this year was to win a WCT event - we can happily check this one off the list with our win at the Grand Slam Tier 2 Tour Challenge earlier this month!

Another goal for Team Muyres was to qualify for the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling events. These events are invite-only to the highest level teams in the sport. Any team playing in the Slams will be top-20 on the World Curling Tour Order of Merit (think of this as a world ranking).

Starting the season on the outside of the Slams looking in meant we had to play a heavy schedule early. Thankfully this hard work has paid off, and as I write this, we are sitting at 18th on the Order of Merit. This ranking has qualified us for the next Grand Slam of Curling event in Newfoundland!  Our victory at the Tour Challenge also qualified us for the Canadian Open Grand Slam in January. We will now be able to test our skills against the best teams in the world at the next two Slams.

While we are proud of what we have accomplished so far, I know there are a few more goals on our list that we want to check off by the end of the year!  As a team, we will have to adjust to the heightened level of competition at the Slams and work even harder moving forward.

Watch for us at the next two Grand Slams, televised on Sportsnet!

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